About Us

SOFTaCARE is a company that develops, manufactures, and improves orthopedic products for you. Strict control at each stage of production makes it possible to guarantee the highest quality final product. Every user of our products will appreciate the high quality of performance and personal comfort.

Why Choose Us

  • Premium Quality

    Our products undergo rigorous selection at each stage of production, so the buyer receives only products of the highest quality.

  • Fair price

    We sell direct, and this allows us to offer you the lowest price. If we could make it even lower without losing quality - we would have done it!

  • Customer Support

    We appreciate every buyer, and we know each situation is unique. We consider each case separately and are ready to help every client individually. We are proud of our customer service.

  • Best Offers

    We provide special offers, promotions, and discounts as often as we can. We monitor the needs of users and try to provide exactly what you need.


  • Set of pillows

    The best solution for office and home

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  • Big pillow

    Really large size. Excellent for the car and office! 

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  • Travel pillow

    Best travel kit - comfort anytime and everywhere

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  • Contour pillow

    Best solution for really health and good sleep! 

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