I settle myself into my black leather office chair and place my pillow behind the small of my back. I have discovered that is where it works the most for me. I stare at the reflection of the name tag before me in the glass partition of my office and smile.

Audrey Campbell, Auditor.

I smile at the irony of an auditor who couldn’t do much auditing. That was me for weeks. And, from the way I saw Kimberly, at the next door office, slouching on her chair while she punched away at her laptop, I know she is going through the phase I just got out of weeks ago.

I pride myself as a hard worker, but I have come to realize how bodily discomfort can make productivity extremely slow.

My work requires long hours day in, day out behind a computer screen, punching in figures and crosschecking spreadsheets, receiving and sending emails, handling phone calls, etc., and it is what I totally enjoy doing. But when the pain started, I didn’t enjoy doing what I love that much anymore. It began with a nibbling ache at the base of my spine and it seemed like something that would disappear in a few days.

It didn’t.

It slowly, but gradually, spread to my entire back area. That was when I knew I was in trouble. I would catch myself slouching in my office chair – a high-backed – comfortable leather seat and I would stand up and take a short walk around the company space. I would get a few hours of respite and it would return. I thought it was my sleep pattern and changed sleeping positions many times. Nothing much changed. I took pain relief pills and got the occasional relief. But the back ache always returned with renewed vengeance.

Later, I considered changing my chair and requested for something more comfortable and light. When the chair came in, I was eager to plunk into it and get my head back into work. It would seem the excitement of a new chair got me through about two or three days without much aching. But, surely, the ache returned.

I was already frustrated at this point. My superiors had noticed a drop in my productivity, and being in the middle of the auditing months, there was no way I could help that not being noticed. I began to take my frustrations out on friends and coworkers, and even the boyfriend!

Then, I stumbled upon an article on a webpage about a stay-at-home mom who had problems with her back from much sitting and got an orthopedic pillow from a company that manufactured it. Her claims of relief sounded fantastic but I was desperate and decided to give it a trial.

I ordered my SOFTaCARE orthopedic pillow and it worked like magic. Now, I realized how much pain and frustration I could have spared myself if I had known this much earlier.

I am going to drop by at Kimberly’s office today and ask if her slouching is as a result of what I think it is, because if it is, I have just the perfect solution for her in SOFTaCARE orthopedic pillows!

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