Contour Pillow


Have you tired to feel neck pain after sleeping?


Can’t relax on your pillow and get a good rest?

Forget it!!!

Our premium SOFTaCARE® memory foam contour pillow will relief your pain and give you ultra comfort!

Softacare® cervical pillow helps with upper back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness, headaches.

Main advantages of SOFTaCARE® orthopedic pillow:

Orthopedic design – our cervical neck pillow complies with human natural curve and provides ultra comfort and therapeutic support for the healthy sleeping for your neck and head. Relax – just sleep.

Ergonomic form – our soft cervical pillow has two waves. Contour memory foam pillow gives you a choice – to sleep on a higher wave or on the lower wave – choose the best side for you!

SOFTaCARE® contoured pillows have two covers. External breatheable zippered bamboo cover gives you a gentle feeling when you touch it. It’s removable and easy for cleaning. Internal white cover allows you to use the memory foam cervical pillow while you are cleaning the external cover.

Premium materials: our neck support pillow is made of premium hypo-allergenic materials: 100% pure high-density memory foam and natural material of bamboo cover – 100% bamboo fiber. It prevents getting too hot and creates ultra comfort & care and long life for years!

Ideal dimensions our cervical pillows: width 18”x length 12”x height 4” / 3”.

Important: all fresh memory foam has the smell – so, put the pillow for 48 hours in a well ventilated area to remove it.

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Increase level of comfort with SOFTaCARE® contour neck pillow!