Feel backache?

SOFTaCARE Set of pillows - the best solution to relive backache!

Why does my back hurt?

  • In a car

    During long trips your back becomes numb, and you start to feel tension. This can cause back problems.

  • In the office

    Unsuitable chair leads to a bad posture and back issues. Pain is only one of the symptoms. Do not risk your health!

  • At home

    Pressure on the tailbone, abnormal curvature of the spine, and lack of support for your back are the causes of your problem.

  • On a journey

    Frequent moving, uncomfortable seats in transport, stress and fatigue - these are your companions on any trip.

How can I relive my pain?

  • In a car

    Remove the pressure on the tailbone and your back will stop hurting, the concentration will increase and fatigue will go away.

  • At the office

    Back support will help to maintain correct posture and even a long working long hours will not cause back pain.

  • At home

    By solving the issue with an unsuitable chair, you will remove the cause of back pain and improve your health.

  • On a journey

    Forget the inconvenience, wherever you are. Now you will feel comfortable and enjoy every moment of life!

Set of pillows - the best solution!

Use SOFTaCARE set of pillow in your office every day and your back will say "Thank you!"

Why SOFTaCARE Set of pillows?

We have created an unsurpassed product especially for you!

  • Premium materials

    High quality memory foam, velour covers, non-slip rubber bottom, 3D-ventilation

  • Multi-functional

    You can use it in your car, at the office, at home, while you travel or taking work trips - anywhere!

What does the doctor say?

Forget Your pain!