Do you feel back pain?

Most likely this is because of the burden on your back. We know how to help! We have developed special orthopedic pillows which remove excessive strain on the spine.

We have created products that will help you relax, relieve tension and fatigue, and help to avoid back problems. Watching your favorite TV show, working on your homework, sitting in your home office - SOFTaCARE will make any of these activities better

Our products are designed for your health and comfort.
They are made of high-quality materials under strict controls. 
We make sure that you will receive only the best possible products.

Why you need SOFTaCARE pillows?

Your favorite chair can become orthopedic in just a few moments - just install a SOFTaCARE pillows.
Home office, child's room, living room, bedroom, kitchen - comfort and health everywhere!
Cause your health is very important. Together with SOFTaCARE, it's easier to be healthy. Orthopedic pillows for everyone!