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OK!!! I loudly admit I needed it. Not ashamed to be in my mid 50’s and sitting for long hours at my computer caused me tremendous pain. But only had this SoftaCare for a few days now and I love it. It has done wonders for my pain and I am better able to focus on what I am doing. Best purchase ever and I will update in a few months. But I must say as much as I plan to use it I do expect a little wear and tear and depending on how long it last I will most certainly buy another.

As a writer, I spend the majority of my day sitting. It was only after a major back spasm, that I realized the chair I was sitting in, while comfortable, did not provide adequate support as I often found myself slouching. After spending some time reviewing support cushions, I decided on this one and am so far pleased with the results. Not only does it force me to sit correctly and supply support to my back, it helps keep me focused by keeping me in the proper position and keeps me from feeling fatigued. It’s comfortable and well made and a good deal for the price. Don’t ignore your back, folks, or it will give you a painful lesson. If spend your day sitting, as most of us do, consider this an investment in the health of your back, even if it isn’t hurting you now, don’t wait till it…

I love this set ,an back support! Unlike most people I bought this for my lawnmower Seat. And just rode around own my mor yesterday works great an a great replacement for that ,if you have price lawnmower seats ,this well make your old seat better than a new one! Then you can take off, put in car ,are them hard seats at the ball game,s Are use were you need it, in my case lawnmower seat

It makes chairs more comfortable for my back when i am reclined using a lap desk to work on my laptop, which I do often. I wish the two pieces were attached to each other, and the straps won’t reach around a recliner or one side of a reclining loveseat, but those are minor quibbles.

I really LOVE this product!!! I was ordered this last year and this is still full of soft. This shape is just like when it came. I am a very picky customer but this seat cushion is the best that I ever had. Just go for this you won’t regret to order this! This is a reasonable price for the quilty and deserves this price! AMAZING! My husband always is driving over 5 hours per day because of his job, but he also said this is really good for his body and very comfortable.