Stress in Travel or Incredible Experience?

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Stress in Travel or Incredible Experience?

I’m used the three-and-a-half-hour flight from Phoenix to Indianapolis, as it is a typical route for my work. I am also used to the feeling of annoyance while on the flight. The grief I feel however is not due to my co-fliers, it is completely due to the small plane seats and my tight surroundings. Every time I am about an hour from arrival I feel pain in my back and ache to get off the plane. My only solution is to get up and walk around or stand for a bit. Even by getting up and moving, I know the soreness and aching that will set in the next day. This was my unfortunate travel routine, until I stumbled across an incredible travel accessory that completely changed my stressful travel experiences.      

I had a business trip from Phoenix to Indianapolis last month. This usual flight for me was nothing new and I expected to feel the typical discomfort and irritation to set in about half way through as it always does.  But, this time was different.

Anticipating cooler fall weather in Indiana, and the even cooler airplane temperatures, I wore a jacket onto the plain. I knew this was a mistake about ten minutes after departure. With no room under the chair in front of me, I sat in my tiny airport seat stuck. The airplane temperatures where unusually warmer this trip, and I needed to take off my jacket to prevent breaking out into a full sweat. I sat in the middle seat feeling like a sardine stuffed in a can and struggled to find a solution to my problem without disrupting my entire row. Instead I struggled but managed to slip my arms out of my sleeves and shove the jacket behind me. I pushed the jacket down in-between the seat and my lower back then thought to myself, “Now how long will I be able to bear having my jacket in this awkward position?”

I am not going to lie, there were a few times where I needed to adjust my jacket for comfort, but it never left its spot behind my back. It was not until the flight attendant’s announcement that we would be landing soon when I assessed how I felt. Amazingly the usual back pain was gone!

The only explanation had to be my jacket’s placement, so I researched some possible evidence behind my theory. I found a study done which several men compared lumbar support seating to standard chairs. The seating with lumbar support added extra cushion to the lower spine to complement better posture. The men in the study saw a remarkable difference in comfort. I believed it too, from my experience, but I wanted to know why. From further research I found that sitting too long in a small airplane seat distorts the natural spinal curve and creates pressure on the spine, which causes pinched nerves and a whole slew of other issues.

I knew I found the answer to my travel dilemma; lumbar support. I decided I did not want to have to rely on my lumpy jacket which worked for me once, but was certainly not designed to support my spine. I needed a lumbar support pillow.

After comparing many pillows, I decided to purchase the SOFTaCARE Lumbar Support Back Pillow. The point that sold me on this pillow was its fantastic reviews and transportable design. The pillow is a great size and weight for easy travel, while still being made of quality materials. It even has a side pocket for quick access to items such as my cell phone.

Since buying the SOFTaCARE Lumbar Support Back Pillow my stressful and irritating travel experiences have diminished. I can sit in the airplane seat without disrupting my fellow passengers. Better yet, I do not have back pain the next day.  SOFTaCARE’s Lumbar Support Back Pillow has incredibly transformed my travels into a much more pleasant experience.

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